Metro Stop

Proud to be, Wednesbury

An anthem for Wednesbury collectively written by local poets and performed by Brendan Hawthorne. For credits, and to read the lyrics:

Did you grow up rahnd ere pal

By Matt Humphries

Did you grow up rahnd ere pal
Iʼm looking fer this plerce
I fink itʼs called The Golden Cross, friendly pub so they say
Gorra darts team in the Sunday league, Iʼve erd its oni two quid a pint
That yow can get overtime
Drink long intae the night
Iʼve erd the locals bin friendly
So long as they knows ya
That the music is great
Thereʼs a motorcycle club
That weeds the idiots out
Erd itʼs pretty popular
With the good folk
On this town
I wanna try it out
Con yow show me where it is
Then I got there
And the beer was as flat
As a shrove Tuesday poncerk
a chap on the mic
Was Singing bing crosby
There woz three lads scraping
A wench being sick
A young couple smooching
An old bloke with a shot
Glasses woz everywhere
And the bogs - worra stink
I felt a bit queasy
As I took a swig
On me drink
But yow know wot
Yeah yer know wot?
I woz med to feel welcome
Soon got chatting
To passers by and the regulars
I threw a few arrows
Won a tenna at pool
Had a good chuckle
While we all played the fool
Last orders arrived
I toddled off on me way
Promising mesen
Iʼd come on another day
The Olde Golden Cross
Sitting in the shadow of the clock where people drink to remember when they all ad jobs
Thereʼs the usual characters
Though never run on the mill
Like a secon ond shappe
Lots a goodies up fer barter, Counterfeit sweatshirts
From Armani and Lacoste
Yow can buy wot yer want
No questions asked
In the friendly surroundings
Of a local land mark
Itʼs the folk that mek it
This town centre boozer
Salt on the earth
But capable of murder
Passing the time
With a cheese bap and a pint
Itʼs plerces like the cross
That tek yer back to yer yewth
When yow day av a care
And beer tasted so good
Tho we all av to grow
Navigate lifeʼs path
Itʼs nice to have a pit stop
To ferget about the werld
With all the problems it has
Quietly reflect
With Black Sabbath battering yer bonce 


by Sandra Browns

The postcode WS10 is the town of Wednesbury
By Exiting junction 9 you'll find it real easy
Just Down the road book the latest tribute band at the town hall
A casual Night out? head to the Mecca or the Wetherspoons and await the call 
If its Exercise you crave we have a brand new gym
Can Stroll along the canal or pop to the market for your bargains
By Bus or tram you can travel to Wton, Bham and soon to be Merry Hill 
Maybe Under the heights of Oldbury and Dudley quiet and still
Is now Renowned. It's by IKEA everybody says!
YES, that's Wednesbury town where I live...